Monday, 11 July 2011

All in One - grab every opportunity

In recent weeks the Council has been holding nine consultation events in nine different parts of the borough. The aim is to see what people in the area said in response to a recent survey and to share ideas and suggestions about how we can work together to make each of the nine 'villages' even better.

A few weeks ago I attended the one in Twickenham. Then last weekend Richard and I attended the Petersham and Ham one together.

This was held at Grey Court School, on Sandy Lane, and although quite quiet to begin with it was well attended and we had the opportunity to stick some large scale drawings for the Radnor Bridge concept up on the boards seeking more suggestions and input.

Ham would stand to gain significantly if the bridge was to get the go-ahead and we received a number of comments from attendees which helped to make this point.

We had a few less positive thoughts shared too and you can see them all here. We continue to be interested in your feedback.

I particularly liked these;

"How soon can we see it implemented?"

"The bridge is an excellent idea. It will not preclude a ferry service..."

"Finally - Forward thinking. This will open up the beautiful area of Ham to all."

Please feel free to comment on this thread. Or, if you need more information about The Radnor Bridge idea then do please have a read of this post here.

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