Friday, 29 June 2012

Building a bridge over The River Thames (Part 2)

Following some initial consultation with The Friends of Radnor Gardens, we quickly learnt that it was not ideal for the bridge to dissect the Garden as originally planned. The previous plan was driven by the desire to exit the road (on the Strawberry Hill side of the river) at the higher level, to give the bridge the necessary clearance for sailing boats while also reduce any required gradient for cyclists and walkers. We also intended for the path to join Cross Deep somewhere near the mini-roundabout where Waldegrave Road intersects with Strawberry Vale, to improve cycle route access.

However, the garden is increasingly being used for public parties and there was therefore concern that a bridge across the middle would simply divide the garden into two separate areas. Obviously this was never our intention, but we realised that the plan would need to be revisited.

The revised idea is therefore to land the bridge on a raised path on the left hand side of the garden (see drawing) and to have a new mini-roundabout proposed for the point where Pope's Grove joins Cross Deep. On reflection we think that this options may indeed be better than the original and continues to work well for both cycling and walking access, while also introducing a very useful junction that will help to slow down traffic around the schools along this part of the main road.


  1. How much will it cost to build, and how do you propose to raise this money?
    (Bridges are built, not "implemented" - generally costing rather a lot!)

  2. Thanks for your comment here Ed.

    What do you think would be an acceptable budget for such a bridge Ed? And how would you prove the value of that spend? We have some ideas but we also have varying considerations to address, based on people's feedback, which will have an impact on what is built (size, shape, form, etc).

    Just now we are interested in learning more about how enthusiastic the local community is for such a cycle and pedestrian bridge connecting Radnor Gardens with Ham Lands. Then I guess we can develop drawings for proper consultation and costing.

  3. A notable lack of clarity as to where the bridge lands at the Ham side. The most obvious place is where the bridge at Teddington Lock already goes.

    1. Hi Paul, sorry I missed your message until now, but perhaps this blog post (written just 4 days after your message) helps to clarify where we propose the bridge will land on the Ham side.


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