Monday, 23 September 2013

This morning I was reminded of the barefoot consultation in 2010 when Richard and I launched the idea for Radnor Bridge. The Richmond and Twickenham Times wrote the following article at the time;

Bridging the gap

A pair of borough residents tired of being separated by the river have come up with a plan to link Twickenham and Ham.

Twickenham resident of 40 years, Mark Wing, and Richard Woolf, who has lived in Ham since 1980, hope to gather support for a bridge linking Radnor Gardens with Ham Lands.

Their plan is for a cycle and pedestrian crossing to connect the two areas, which are only 100m apart but separated by water.

Mr Woolf, architect and director of McDaniel Woolf, said: “We had some very favourable reactions at the Barefoot Consultation, particularly as ours seemed to be the only 'new' idea on show. Even the objectors tended to leave our table as converts.”

A two-lane bike route, lower than the pedestrian platform, would stop overcrowding on the bridge at Teddington Lock, the pair say. The pair are keen to hear feedback and are asking people to make contact with them.

You can find the whole article online here.

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