Saturday, 19 July 2014

Footbridge 2014 (post-conference)


As many of you already know, this week we were privileged to be able to share our ambition for the Radnor Bridge at a conference in London called Footbridge 2014 - attended by all the good and the great in today's worldwide bridge building community.

Over a period of three days we enjoyed key note sessions from leading practitioners about everything from the latest materials and technologies being adopted in bridge engineering to inspirational case studies and amusing explorations into bridge design - most notably the engineering concerns shared about famous bridges designed for Blockbuster Sc-Fi movies.

We had a unique opportunity to network and build invaluable relationships with the industry's leaders and pioneers. Here's hoping the advice and tips we gratefully received will help us take the Radnor Bridge vision further forward on its epic journey to becoming a reality.

You can find a copy of our paper here. And a copy of the slides is below;

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