Thursday, 19 February 2015

Keeping up with the gossip

We often broadcast our latest shenanigans to a growing number of followers on Twitter too. Feel free to follow us @RadnorBridge to keep up with our chatter-chatter and gossip there too.

Like this conversation with Tim (who was on the organising committee for Footbridge 2014) about our up coming meeting with local Councillors to help ensure the Radnor Bridge idea is recorded on the Village Plans for our area.

Or this conversation with Julie and John who wanted to know if the bridge would be high enough for sailing masts to pass underneath at high tide. As with most of these things the answers can be found in our White Paper, which we presented in summer 2014. However, in short, the aim is for the bridge to maintain the same height as Cross Deep Road on the Strawberry Hill side as it crosses to the Avenue in Ham Lands. The intent is that cyclists and pedestrians will not be faced with a slope from either direction.

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