Friday, 27 March 2015

Taking steps toward creating a majestic bridge

So pleased to see Radnor Bridge getting some attention in the Richmond & Twickenham Times. If you have a copy, take a look at page 14.

It also says, in principle, that we have the backing of MP Vince Cable, which is great news.

In the article (from a few weeks ago), which we commented on here, Lord True said that the bridge would need to be "Majestic". We agree. The design of a pedestrian and cycle bridge across the river from Radnor Gardens would need to be very sensitively designed to fit into its environment and offer our area an architectural statement we can all be proud of.

A majestic bridge will make possible the big idea, which is much needed to re-invigorate Twickenham and Ham. I can't help feeling we have at last taken a collective step in the right direction.

Thank you Tom for writing the article. You've brought a smile to Richard and Mark's faces ;-)

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