Friday, 18 December 2015

Connecting two Houses of interest

Do you live in the Twickenham area? If so, do you recognise this building? 
A) It's Strawberry Hill House.

Here you can discover Horace Walpole's gothic creation. Of it, he says; “It was built to please my own taste, and in some degree to realise my own visions.”

On the other side of the river is Ham House. An equally fascinating local building of historical importance described as a unique 17th-century treasure trove.”

Wouldn't it be great if these two houses were connected.

Have you seen our banner ad at the ice rink, situated in the grounds of Strawberry Hill House?

If not, why not?  :)

An educational view

This is the view from Radnor House School, looking upstream toward Radnor Gardens. (Taken in the Spring 2015)

It show off the stretch of the river that Radnor Bridge - a pedestrian and cycle bridge - will span. In so doing we will be able to provide improved access to the recreational space available in Ham and also to the shops and transportation available in Twickenham / Strawberry Hill. 

We do hope you agree that this will be a fantastic legacy for the area.