Friday, 18 December 2015

An educational view

This is the view from Radnor House School, looking upstream toward Radnor Gardens. (Taken in the Spring 2015)

It shows off the stretch of the river that the Radnor Bridge - a proposed pedestrian and cycle bridge - will span. In so doing the bridge will be able to provide improved access to the recreational space available in Ham and also to the shops and transportation available in the Twickenham / Strawberry Hill area.  

Three schools and a University - two sitting on Cross Deep Road (Radnor House School and St Catherine's School), the German School in Ham, and then of course St Mary's University in Strawberry Hill - will be huge benefactors of the Radnor Bridge. There are many parents from both sides of the river who have written to us saying how desperately they wish their children's commute was shorter and safer. By simply crossing the river at Radnor Gardens many of their concerns will be addressed and a lot of commuters would be taken off the already congested roads. 

But think of some of the other benefits this improved connectivity will bring; For example, places of education need good access to recreational areas. Ham Lands offers this and plenty more beside. And if learning how to sail is your thing then all of a sudden Thames Young Mariners becomes an easy place to get to too.

We do hope you agree that this will be a fantastic legacy for the area. 

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