Friday, 18 November 2016

Our vision evolves (part 1)

Richard and Mark met up again the other day to discuss where we are with the Radnor Bridge campaign. Its been a quiet year, as you can see from the number of 2016 posts on this blog.

Next year (2017) the Footbridge conference we presented at previously is coming around again. It happens just once every three years and this time it will be held in Berlin. Should we attend we asked each other? And if so, what new news do we have to share? Can we pull together an abstract that will be just as interesting to the footbridge building community as we managed to do in 2013 for Footbridge 2014, which was held at Imperial College in London?

We're pretty sure we can, but will need to get our skates on....

Our angle will need to focus on what we've achieved in the last three years. Sometimes this feels like precious little. However, behind the scenes we have been speaking with local community supporters and also those less keen on seeing the bridge happen (for whatever reason).

Our Facebook group continues to grow in interest, entirely organically, despite us spending almost nothing on promotional activity - and everyone knows that without money Facebook provides little or no organic marketing these days. We're pretty much relying on 'word of mouth'. So please do help :)

After our meeting, Richard wrote the following;

"When Mark and I hooked up last week to view the latest visuals of the Radnor Bridge, we were both struck by the continued support being generated in the initiative, six years on from it’s launch at the Barefoot Consultation in July 2010. 

In the intervening years the need for the bridge has increased in line with the continued changes we faced in our respective communities east and west of the Thames. Access to open space for recreation and amenity use by Twickenham is colliding with the desperate need for Ham to connect into transport links. Recent intensification of land use in Ham and the evolution of the Ham Close housing initiative by the Richmond Housing Partnership presented last month has placed the need for viable transportation links into stark contrast as the existing road system slowly grinds to a halt. A cycle and footbridge crossing between Ham Lands and Twickenham's Radnor Gardens could not be in sharper focus this winter."

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