Monday, 2 January 2017

Why locate the bridge at Radnor Gardens?

We were recently sent this feedback in an email. Our reply is below and I thought I'd share this for others to read here;

"Very useful to have a repeat of the design for the hoped for cycle/footbridge over the Thames from Radnor Gardens to Ham, fully understand choice of location from an appearance point of view, but from a cycle route point of view, just downstream of Eel Pie Island to by-pass central Twickenham would be better. Were other locations considered?"

Thank you for your positive feedback. By way of response RadnorBridge would like to share the following;

Firstly, the Radnor Bridge idea was first launched at the Barefoot Consultation in 2010 so this is not a repeat but the original idea still coming to fruition, so to speak. May we encourage you to read our blog for more detail.

Secondly, while at least four locations for a bridge were explored in the mini-Holland strategy review a few years ago (one to be located where you have suggested), the Radnor Bridge team feel strongly that the Radnor Gardens location is the best. Hence the name. There are a number of reasons for this.

Our top five include
  1. The topology on both sides at this point is most suited to a bridge crossing of the river. When the bridge starts from the proposed new mini-roundabout on Cross Deep (see details on blogsite) then it only needs to rise 2m to clear sailing masts at high tide below. 
  2. The location fits best with the landscape strategy for both sides of the river and as a key piece of infrastructure will prove to be the strategic link in the heart of Richmond Borough, offering benefits to the greatest number of residents and reducing the need for numerous cyclists to enter Twickenham town centre or cars to be on the road 
  3. At this point the best leisure pursuits access for short river strollers is offered. It is the midway point between Richmond bridge and Teddington Lock and will not challenge access via Hammerton Ferry. Indeed we believe it will encourage greater usage of the ferry boat crossing.
  4. It will connect Ham House to Strawberry Hill House, making for a lovely tourism attraction. And the adventurous may also then choose to complete the circle of all four local Houses with the addition of York House and Marble Hill House. 
  5. Strawberry Hill station is the closest station (as the crow flies) for people who live in Ham. 

We're sure others can think of many additional reasons/benefits for the Radnor Gardens location... but hopefully this is a useful starter.

Please keep your feedback coming and feel free to follow the RadnorBridge page on Facebook too.


  1. Hi Mark,
    With the St Mary's expansion plans discussion well underway, could you not suggest that the Running track relocation be made somewhere over in Ham, rather than the Teddington Lockside location. If the bridge was in place the 9,000 students would only have a short (and safe) distance to walk (or cycle), rather than negotiating the awful traffic through teddington. Also it would open up Strawberry Hill Station to Ham residents, especially if a cycle lane was in place down Tower Road.

    1. Great suggestion. Thank you

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