Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Community Infrastructure Levy

Cllr Ben Khosa recently shared with the Radnor Bridge team the following message from David Tidley, who is the Transport Strategy Team Manager serving Richmond and Wandsworth Councils.

"The Council’s Local Plan commits the Council to investigating the possibility of a footbridge across the Thames between Ham and Twickenham.  The Community Infrastructure Levy List includes the possibility of a new bridge, although I would add that the CIL List is a long list of schemes in excess of expected CIL funding and no funding has currently been identified for a bridge.

Consultants are currently engaged to do some high level work comparing potential locations for foot/cycle bridges within Richmond.  In short, their brief is to identify where in Richmond any locations for bridges might stack up in terms of need, demand, cost and deliverability. The Radnor Bridge location is included in this work.

New Thames crossings are few and far between. Even accounting for the lesser width of the river in Richmond compared with other parts of London which could enable the river to be spanned without piling into the riverbed, there would be significant engineering, environmental and cost challenges. New bridges have significant risks associated with them as well as longer term liabilities. The current high level business case work will help identify what these challenges are and would help the Council determine its next steps."

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