Friday, 31 May 2019

Our New Thames Bridge

We remain convinced our area needs this ‘big idea’. Mainly because it will help better connect every quarter of Richmond Borough. Do you agree?


Why not come and meet the Radnor Bridge team. 

We will be having a stand at both the Ham Fair on 8th June and also for the two days Twickenham Church Street Goes Green on 15th and 16th June.

The Radnor Bridge is not a new idea, but was so named by Mark and Richard to help convey that, in their opinion, Radnor Gardens is the only appropriate location for a pedestrian and cycle bridge. A list of reasons and the benefits they bring was created in 2010.


The benefits it will bring

This list, while clearly not exhaustive, may help clarify why this piece of sustainable transport infrastructure is important to the borough;
  • Radnor Bridge will prove to be a strategic link in the heart of Richmond Borough. Delivering benefits to a great number of residents, visitors, ramblers and cyclists, while reducing the need for many cars to be on the road.
  • Located at Radnor Gardens, Radnor Bridge helps to deliver the full intentions of the Thames Arcadian landscape strategy for both sides of the river.
  • The entrance to the bridge will peel off from a new mini-roundabout installed at the intersection between Pope’s Grove and Cross Deep, which will improve traffic safety around the two schools located there.
  • The topology at this location offers the best potential for a bridge crossing. The natural height at Cross Deep means that the bridge will only need to rise a further 2m to clear sailing masts at high tide.
  • Radnor Bridge will serve to open up more of Twickenham to the river, taking emphasis away from the heated debate about the town center and encouraging greater interest and access to neighbouring parts of the borough.
  • There are 1.3 million people who annually enjoy walking along the river trail. Radnor Bridge will help to boost such local tourism by connecting Strawberry Hill House with Ham House (as well as York House, Orleans Gallery and Marble Hill House). It will also help to facilitate adoption of the poetry trail’ developed locally. And, in this way, Radnor Bridge will no doubt support usage of the much loved Hammerton ferry.
  • Similarly, Radnor Bridge will provide an already densely populated Strawberry Hill area with access to “one of the most significant and extensive stretches of riverside historic landscape and public amenity open space of any city in the world" (Kim Wilkie Report, 2005). Land which needs careful management akin to the amazing work FORCE is already delivering along the Crane River.
  • Finally, Radnor Bridge will provide important supporting infrastructure for the planned growth of St Mary’s University (from 5000 to 9000 students) along with improved accessibility to (and usage of) Strawberry Hill station.
We are sure you can add your own additional benefits to this list too.

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