Friday, 21 June 2019

RadnorBridge pop-ups

In June we established a pop up gazebo at both the Ham Fair and then for the two days Twickenham Church Street Goes Green. Needless to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

In anticipation of these two events we had 2000 of 'Our New Thames Bridge' booklets printed. This is an 8pp leaflet that helps communicate detailed information about the Radnor Bridge idea, in terms of what has been done to-date and what needs to be done next.

Both events proved to be fabulous occasions for meeting members of the public. They also presented an opportunity to gather instant feedback on the idea and quickly learn how keen people are to see it happen. Needless to say the feedback was mainly very positive, which is great. We only wish we had done this sooner! Maybe then we would have score a significantly higher percentage of people wanting "Bridge 13" (Radnor Bridge) in the "Have your say" consultation, run by the Council, following the SWP feasibility study.

Following these events we are definitely picking up a discernible increase in volume, as people share and discuss the Radnor Bridge idea online and also face to face. This is all very exciting as this was our primary objective; to simply increase awareness and get people talking about this idea more.

May we encourage you to speak to any Councillors you know, so that collectively we can encourage key decision makers locally and so help get this bridge built.

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