Monday, 21 October 2019

LBRUT: Transport and Air Quality Committee

Richard and Mark will be attending the Councils' Transport and Air Quality Committee meeting this evening (21st October 2019).

Richard is registered to ask a question of the committee regarding topic #6 titled "Active Travel Strategy". Things we would like the committee to consider include;
  1. It’s pretty odd to run a consultation attracting 1000 responses, overwhelmingly positive, on a dual-use bridge and then not mention it at all in the draft Active Travel Strategy.
  2. The Active Travel Strategy does explicitly mention some of the issues Radnor Bridge could help massively with (E.g.; high levels of cycling demand in the area, problems with the width of Richmond Bridge for cycling, the barrier to connectivity the river represents, safety issues, consideration of bridges over busy roads, etc.
  3. The Strategy could and should include a commitment to carry out the second phase of work on feasibility of the two options supported by the public and first study in consultation. It would, of course, involve officer time and resource (...but we know of a direct offer from the Mayor for TfL support in answer to a written question on the matter of resources being made available, from Caroline Pidgeon, last year).
  4. The Council can’t, of course, commit to building a bridge within the timescales because it is reliant on the outcome of further work and on discussion with others over funding sources. But it does need to be taken forward to the next phase of work, and this is the right opportunity to commit to doing so.


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