Monday, 2 March 2020

Ham & Petersham Neighbourhood Forum

Richard Woolf was made most welcome at the Port of London Authorities Upper Tidal Thames public meeting on Tuesday 25th February. Held at Putney in the London Rowing Club and chaired by Robin Mortimer Chief Executive of The Port of London Authority , this well attended evening discussed progress over the last year.  Focus was on the Thames Vision 2035 strategic report, upriver maintenance, local river works, Hammersmith Bridge closure and the forthcoming Harbour Revisions Order publication. Complex matters, but all discussed with good humour by the officers and public alike.

Richard was able to present a formal question to the PLA regarding the next stage of Richmond Councils initiative into assessing a river crossing between Ham and Twickenham. In response, James Trimmer , PLA Planning Officer, noted they were well aware of this long term initiative and that the PLA were approached frequently about new river crossings along the 95 miles of river Thames under their control.

Three key issues of concern to the PLA were the maintain safe navigation, establish an appropriate bridge height for commercial and leisure craft and finally develop a design with few or no piers within the tidal Thames itself.

Richard welcomed this positive reply and informed the meeting that he would maintain contact and update the Port of London Authority as the initiative progressed.

Latest update here;

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