Friday, 15 May 2020

Video: Opening up enjoyment of the surrounding area

Enjoy the riverside?

Richard and Mark have produced a short video to illustrate how #RadnorBridge together with the ferry at Hammertons, will help open up enjoyment of the surrounding area.


How to connect with the Radnor Bridge team

If you feel greater connection and sustainable travel is a vision you support, please join us in making the Radnor Bridge part of the next generation's future.


Do you live in Ham?

If you live in Ham and you are keen to have a bridge to Twickenham solely for commuting reasons, then these videos may be a useful ones to watch.

Radnor Bridge to Twickenham Station:

Radnor Bridge to Strawberry Hill station:

Finally, if you need it...
Ham to Radnor Bridge (along the Great River Avenue):

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