Thursday, 2 July 2020

An invitation to provide feedback to the Chair of The Ham and Petersham Association

An invitation to provide feedback. Please read to the end...
The Ham & Petersham Association shared concerns for a pedestrian and cycle bridge between Twickenham and Ham in their newsletter this week. They stated these as;
Concern for the level of local consultation.
  • Apparently only 187 people from Ham and Petersham took part in the consultation about this two years ago.
Concern for consequences of a bridge (which include):
  • A slightly shorter walk or cycle ride to Twickenham Station.
    (Not sure WE see this as a 'concern', more a blessing)
  • Harm to the character of Ham and Petersham.
  • Harm to the biodiversity.
    (This is an old one. Please see our blog here)
  • Turning Ham into a commuter parking hotspot.
  • Damage to Hammerton Ferry.
  • Increase in leisure cyclists from the other side of the Thames making their way out of London.
The Association also shared that they would prefer to spend any money raised for this topic on improving Teddington Lock Bridge or access to Hammerton Ferry.
None of the above seems a concern to us, just something to manage carefully. 
However, the Radnor Bridge team is troubled that the Ham & Petersham Association likes to publicly champion an opposition to the bridge - galvanising disgruntled Ham residents around the Association in the process. Their preference is to preserve Ham Lands as a "private back garden" for a small number of people who live in Ham. 
Obviously we actively encourage debate on this subject. It's healthy to explore alternative points of view. But refusing to acknowledge the benefits a bridge can 'gift' to the wider borough community is counter to our vision. And choosing to 'lock down' the Lands for the enjoyment of a few people seems plain wrong. So since they have invited feedback from residents on this matter, we would like to invite you to write to them with a response. 
The address is
Feel free to copy us in at too.

Thank you.

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  1. The bridge is a fantastic project and I think a modern iconic design. We use bridges every day that others had to get built. It is time for our generation to contribute and for that to be a dedicated active travel alternative is exactly the right thing to do.

    Re the Teddington Lock bridge. I would upgrade that as well! These things can be done if the community makes them a collective goal.